Source:  Contract  magazine, July/August 2012

Source: Contract magazine, July/August 2012

 As workplaces get smaller, the companies that occupy them face the conundrum of how to make the most of
limited space. One solution, dubbed Clarity, is a seating line that can move effortlessly between conference, lounge, and task applications, eliminating the need to specify separate chairs for every space. Born out of collaboration between design consultancy BMW Group DesignworksUSA and Allsteel, Clarity was “a unique development because we didn’t specify a task or multipurpose chair. Our initial requirements instead focused on developing an innovative seating solution targeted for shared spaces throughout the floor plan in support of the way people are working today and tomorrow,” says Darren Keele, product manager for Allsteel.
Highly regarded for its forward-thinking concepts and products for clients such as Adidas and Canon, as well as its parent company luxury auto giant BMW, DesignworksUSA began the project as a chop shop of sorts, stripping down chair anatomy to what the designers considered to be the necessary parts. “Focusing on a lean design allowed us to celebrate the structural elements as design details with pure and timeless forms,” says senior designer Johannes Lampela. DesignworksUSA further built on these elements to ensure comfort without compromising the bare bones concept.
Clarity thus presents a universal aesthetic devoid of unnecessary bells and whistles. It does, however, have weight-activated synchro-tilt and height adjustment. Waterfall edges on the seat and back and a smooth-edge design on the seat frame accommodate multiple postures in teamworking scenarios, from talking over the shoulder to turning sideways in the seat to chat with neighbors. Offered in eight colors, uninterrupted mesh forms a breathable seat and back. The chair is finished with a prong or caster base.