One fateful summer in my teenage years, I was studying in a library and became intrigued by the building's interior geometries. I snapped a photo of it with my disposable camera (back in the day, we used film!) and kept the print to remind me of when I first became interested in architecture. Fast forward to the mid 90s: As a journalism student at New York University, I knew I wanted to write—but about what?

In these pre-HGTV and DIY-design days, I was already clipping magazine photos of every detail I wanted for my own home, from light fixtures and crown molding to architectural style and landscaping. And in an intro to architectural history class I took, I spotted a photo of that same library that inspired me in my adolescence: It turned out to be none other than the Philips Exeter Academy library by legendary architect Louis Kahn.

I realized it was my destiny to write about architecture and design—the area I'm personally passionate about. I've since been writing about both residential and commercial interior design and architecture, materials and products these spaces and structures employ, and movers and shakers in the industry. And, occasionally, I'm still snapping photos of the things that inspire me...

contributing writer (past and present)

Architectural Record and SNAP magazines

Washington Post

Wall Street Journal Off Duty


Interior Design magazine


Contract magazine



Design Milk

Modern Magazine



NKBA Innovation+Inspiration


Confidential architecture, product design, and PR firms

managing editor

Official 2018 NYCxDesign Guide (May 2018)

Contract magazine (2011–2013)

Interior Design Spring and Fall Market tabloids (2007–2011)

NeoCon Show Daily (2005–2011)

staff writer/editor

Architizer (2015–2017)

Architectural Record and SNAP (2013–2015)

Contract magazine (2011–2013)

Interior Design magazine (1998–1999; 2000–2011) (2000–2001)

Home Office Computing (1998)