Source:  Interior Design  magazine, May 2007

Source: Interior Design magazine, May 2007

Designing a 20,000-square-foot beauty and wellness facility at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, D'Aquino Monaco principals Carl D'Aquino and Francine Monaco had only one real directive to work with, the name: Silver Rain Spa. "Our concept became water," D'Aquino says. "In its many states."

The experience begins in the foyer, where guests walking across the cast-glass floor hear water running beneath their feet. Cast glass, framed in steel, appears in jagged three-dimensional form along the walls, suggesting arctic ice crystals—even the temperature is slightly lower here. Water simultaneously cascades down the foyer's walls of white quartzite, a typically Swiss stone that gives a subtle nod to skin-care company La Prairie, which oversees the spa. As for water vapor, it defines the Silver Mist treatment room, named for its row of showerheads.

Waiting and changing areas are infused with serene luxury. For the Silver Haven lounge, D'Aquino Monaco chose curtains and shag rugs in soothing white or cream. Seating is upholstered in silvery-violet leather and suede. Locker doors are silver-lacquered. And actual crystal chandeliers sparkle against the silver-leafed ceiling.